The Do’s and Don’ts of portable storage containers

Many businesses and homeowners choose portable storage containers for rental in Dallas because they are convenient and cost-effective. The contents of a container stay safe even during harsh weather.

When you plan to use storage container rental in Dallas, keep a few things in mind. We discuss the do’s and don’ts of these containers to help you out.

What you should do:

Label the boxes

Imagine opening up each box to find something you need. You can avoid this just by labelling all the boxes. The labels should be placed on the top with big letters to make it easier to locate what you are looking for.

Consider the size

The containers are usually available in two sizes: 40 ft and 20 ft. While the former is right for the high-volume low-weight pieces, the latter is chosen for heavy-weight low-volume items. Think about which category your items belong to.

Invest in HVAC

The items like upholstered furniture, electronics, and paperwork are sensitive to the climate. Keep them safe by investing in HVAC. Some companies offering storage container rental in Dallas, Texas offer storage units with HVAC installed in it.

What you should avoid:

Random stacking

Properly arranging every box looks a bit of a hassle. Random stacking, on the other hand, looks so fun and convenient. Of course, it’s fun but can damage your belongings. Place the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter boxes above them.

Keeping flammable stuff

You might come across a few containers with gasoline, oil, aerosol cans, and other flammable items. Avoid following this practice, as it could be highly dangerous. In many cases, people don’t know if an item is flammable or toxic. Ask a professional to clear your doubt.

Wrapping products in plastic

Keeping your items safe is a good idea. Wrapping them in plastic…well, not very much. Plastic has a tendency to damage the items due to moisture retention.

We hope this blog has given you some useful tips on storing your items. For storage container rental in Dallas, check this link: