Tunnel Storage Containers

Looking for a safe and reliable storage solution for your construction or commercial needs? At Mesa Mobile, we provide high-quality tunnel storage containers and exceptional personalized service for all your storage needs. Our containers are designed to keep your projects running efficiently. Manage all of your material and inventory on-site safely and securely. We offer multiple types of secure storage containers at varying lengths and sizes to ensure we have the right storage solution for you. All of our container rentals are available on short or long lease terms.

Our double door 20’ storage container offers maximum accessibility with dual open doors, allowing you to easily load and unload your items. Built of 100 percent corrugated steel, these containers ensure the complete safety and security of your belongings.

In need of taller storage? Our hi cube container offers additional height that enables you to use more vertical storage space without sacrificing the container’s overall footprint.

For substantial storage requirements, our 40’ storage container with double doors offers unrivaled capacity and easy access. With its dual-open door design and secure locks, this tunnel storage container guarantees the protection of your stored items.

Tunnel (Double Door) Container

External Dimensions (feet): 20’ long x 8’ wide x 8’ 6” high

Internal Dimensions (feet): 19’ 4” long x 7’ 8” wide x 7’ 10” high

Door width (feet): 7 ft 8 in
Door height (feet): 7 ft 5 in

Square Feet: 150 sq ft

External Dimensions (feet): 40’ long x 8’ wide x 9’ 6” high

Internal Dimensions (feet): 39’ 5” long x 7’8” wide x 8’10” high

Door width (feet): 7 ft 8 in

Door height (feet): 8 ft 5 in

Square Feet: 300 sq ft


Security & Organization

Our secure locks keep your belongings safe.


Use ramps to make loading and unloading easy.


Keep your things organized by using shelving units.

pipe racks
Pipe Racks

Store pipes or other long items using pipe racks.

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Delivery Requirements

Clearance Measurements

A clearance of 60’ linear feet in front of where the container is being placed is required for our 20’ containers, clearance of 120’ feet is required for our 40’ containers. Our trucks require a 21’ feet vertical clearance for loading and unloading containers.

We provide free site checks to determine the most appropriate location if you are unsure on placement.

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